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 The Food Allergens Labelling Law for loose foods came into effect on the 13th December 2014, don’t get caught out on your next EHO inspection, get your business compliant easily and quickly with our full Allergen Labelling Law toolkit and give your food allergy customers the confidence that your catering business and your staff are fully aware and compliant with the 14 Allergens law.

Perfect for cafes / takeaways / pubs / fish & chips / pizza shops / restaurants / sandwich shops / schools / care homes / mobile caterers / street food traders / Indian takeaway / Chinese takeaway / market traders etc..

An estimated £30bn per year is spent on takeaways alone in the UK, compliance in this sector is of key importance to avoid businesses facing fines and averting possible tragedies. 

Each toolkit contains a professionally laminated (dry-wipe) 14 Food Allergens customer display poster and a simple-to-follow 12-page guide booklet, explaining how to identify any of the 14 Food Allergens used in your menu / dishes. Also included in the toolkit is a dry-wipe laminated menu-matrix (hard & soft copies) for you to record and show your customers exactly which of the potentially dangerous 14 Allergens are contained in each of your dishes.

food allergens

Allergen Toolkit Option 1: Full Toolkit with (Brown) 14 Allergens Customer Display Poster

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Allergen Toolkit Option 2: Full Toolkit with (Burgundy) 14 Allergens Customer Display Poster


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Allergen Toolkit Option 3: Full Toolkit with (Green) 14 Allergens Customer Display Poster


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food allergensOn the 13th December 2014, the new food allergens labelling law came into effect for all food businesses selling loose foods (including street food, takeaways, fish and chip shops, pizza outlets and mobile catering etc.)

All Food businesses must follow new rules in labelling non-prepacked (loose) foods. This is part of the European Union Food Information for Consumers Regulation (EU FIC).

Local Authorities are now enforcing the new food labelling laws. A person or business found guilty of an offence under the new regulations could be liable to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale (currently £5,000).

Specifically designed for takeaways, cafes & restaurants etc. Streetzine’s ‘Professional Toolkit’ contains a 12 page printed food labelling law guide booklet, customer display posters and tools to enable you to identify all of the 14 Food Allergens used in your menu. This will ensure your customers are made aware of any allergenic ingredients used in your dishes and help make the new food allergens labelling law simple to follow.

Food Allergens Toolkits are now priced at just £18.95 (A4 size poster pack) & £22.95 (A3 size poster pack) each (Including FREE Delivery)

Competitively priced food allergens labelling law training courses and one-to-one bespoke courses are also available, please contact: for more details and food labelling laws course information.

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